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Suite (music), \noun \’swēt – A set of musical pieces considered as one composition, wholeness.

Coaching, \noun \kōching A development process via which an individual is supported while achieving a specific personal or professional  goal.

A holistic, client-centered approach designed by the International Coach Federation.

A Goal-Focused Approach. Focus on goals increases work performance and goal attainment

Strength-Based Approach – Change occurs by focusing on positive emotion and core strengths that leverage individual potential in the process of goal attainment. 

Emotional Intelligence Coaching – Emotionally intelligent people use their thinking to manage their emotions and achieve success.

Cognitive – Behavioral Approach. The coach and the client work together through a process of behavioral change. 


The impact of coaching on well-being and performance of managers and their teams during pandemic

In March 2020, the World Health Organization announced that the outbreak of COVID-19 was a pandemic. Many companies were forced to shift to fully remote work following preventative measures imposed by governments across the globe to protect individual and collective health. From that day many employees started working from home. With COVID-19 spreading across hundreds of countries, companies started facing new challenges as their employees’ well-being, mental health and performance suffered following adjustments to unexpected changes, worries about their families, feelings of confusion and negativity or simply technical issues when working from home. This study provides some positive empirical evidence that as an approach coaching may be efficient in enhancing the well-being and performance of managers and their teams during the pandemic. The study contributes therefore to establishing very preliminary empirical evidence of the efficacy of coaching under the unprecedented scenario the world is facing – the pandemic of coronavirus (COVID-19), and possibly other crisis scenarios as well.

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Psychoeducational Role of Coaching in developing Emotional Intelligence and Well-Being.

Doctoral thesis, defended in 2021.

This research determined that coaching can improve Emotional Intelligence and Well-Being levels. The experiment was conducted amongst employees of technical industry startup. This doctoral thesis also specified emotional intelligence skills and well-being components that are most significantly impacted in the coaching process.

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Life coaching as a remedy in building teachers’ psychological resilience and well-being.

Recently personal resilience has been mentioned a lot. Resilience is an ability to cope with stress and adversity, It is a “ bouncing back” effect which is a very individual skill developed and correlated with many other factors. Research shows that resilience results among other factors from individual skills in communication and problem solving, ability to build positive relationships, self-esteem and self -efficiency as well as locus of control. Coaching is a tool which promotes development of social and meta skills and can be effectively used to stimulate psychological hardness. Different coaching techniques are being used to develop well- being and equip individuals with strategies of stress management.

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An integrative literature review on the impact of life coaching on courage, fear and anxiety.

The demand on techniques, approaches and processes that have a positive impact on courage, fear and anxiety is very high in general population. The evidence-based and theoretical literature supporting life coaching as a successful approach building individual courage and helping with fear and anxiety is scarce. This integrative literature review synthesises data from previous research studies about the impact of life coaching as an intervention to enhance courage and decrease fear and anxiety. Findings obtained in this study suggest that life coaching is a reliable approach that may enhance individual courage and decrease fear and anxiety.

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An integrative literature review on the impact of life coaching on the quality of life and well-being.

The demand on techniques, approaches and processes that increase quality of life and well-being is very high in general population. Enhancement of the quality of life, wellbeing, life experiences, and personal growth are inherent to life coaching, which explains rapid growth of the profession since it fully emerged in the 1990s. The evidence that life coaching can positively impact quality of life and well-being is continuously growing, although still limited. This integrative literature review synthesizes findings of previous studies and articles about the impact of life coaching on quality of life and well-being.

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What is Life Coaching? An Integrative Review of the Evidence-Based Literature.

Life coaching as an industry fully emerged in the 1990s and has exploded to become a $2 billion global industry with nearly 50,000 certified life coaches (ICF, 2012). With the rapid growth and many different programmes and educational platforms, there is a need for defining the exact scope of what life coaching entails (Segers, Vloeberghs, Henderickx and Inceoglu, 2011). The purpose of this study was to conduct an integrative review of the evidence-based life coaching literature in order to develop a comprehensive objective characterisation of coaching that would capture the nature of the industry in the most concise manner and hopefully provide the objectives for establishing life coaching as a profession.

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Bojana Jam, Social Voter Labs (Principal Product Designer)

The Well-Being and Performance Group Coaching Program was a great experience. I was able to connect with everyone in a meaningful way. I found it beneficial on many, many levels, so I appreciate the time that we spent together and I’m grateful for everything everyone has shared with the group.

Riley Haig, Nómadas Consulting (Founder, Consultant)

“The Well-Being and Performance Group Coaching Program was very rewarding and helpful as I was able to share my experiences, listen to the experiences of other participants and learn what can be applied in my situation. The coaching group was very diverse, so it was beneficial to be able to hear everyone else’s perspective and thoughts – different roles, different industries, different countries. It was great having this professional connection.” 

Michał Opuchlik, Commerzbank AG (Group Risk Controlling & Capital Management, Credit Risk Validation Team)

The Well-Being and Performance Group Coaching Program allowed me to keep my performance in check and set the markers within each of the weeks. Working remotely under lockdown left me feeling as if there are no markers. Normally you work and then you rest. Nowadays, there is no jumping point to do something different. It all blends.

The coaching sessions with other managers were great check-ins, distinct points each week. It really helped – having 4 distinct points in a month where I could learn from others and gain from the group discussion. 

Joanna Knight, Trinity Holistic Massage (Business Owner)

“I chose coaching because I had certain goals I wanted to achieve in my life, and I thought having someone with an objective perspective to share those ideas with would be beneficial. Having someone to listen to me and provide support of my goals is very affirming. Each week we plan certain actions I will take during the following week to accomplish my goals and get me closer to where I want to be in life. 

One of the biggest achievements has been the shift in my attitude and the way I respond to life. I’m in a much happier and open place, and it reflects in all aspects of my life. I’m able to move forward on things that I’ve been wanting to accomplish with a sense of peace and gratitude. I’m looking forward to what’s ahead as opposed to worrying about the outcomes. Asia’s coaching has helped me to reach inside myself and bring to light what has been wanting to manifest for the longest time.”


The International Coach Federation defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

Coaching is a growth profession. The purpose of Coaching is to help people grow and develop as individuals and as professionals.

When Clients feel empowered and supported by the coaching relationship they no longer see their problems as unsolvable and tasks as hard. There are many benefits that the coaching clients experience: better relationships, better work-related outcomes, and better mental and physical health. According to the ICF 2016 Survey results, some of many benefits include:

  • improved self-awareness                                   
  • lower stress level
  • larger vision                                                            
  • career change
  • smarter goal setting                                       
  • healthier lifestyle
  • better communication skills                                                                 
  • more fun 
  • efficient problem solving                            
  • more income
  • self-confidence                                                 
  • more free time
  • enhanced self-acceptance                                        
  • deeper appreciation of life

Workplace coaching offers the following benefits to managers:

  • improved leadership skills
  • better job performance
  • improved listening and communication
  • work well-being; self-efficacy; motivation and satisfaction
  • constructive conflict resolution
  • alignment of individual goals, strengths and values
  • greater commitment and accountability
  • better positive relationships with others
  • development of coaching skills
  • increased emotional intelligence
  • knowledge transfer and management
  • ability to look openly at one’s strengths as well as weaknesses
  • greater positivity, optimism, innovation and creativity

 their teams:

  • ability to give professional, growth-inspiring feedback;
  • ability to communicate ideas in a clear, convincing way;
  • ability to lead constructive discussions;
  • ability to look at new, alternative ways at the team issues and problems;
  • ability to openly and honestly share opinions with the team;
  • better mentoring skills and support for the team members;
  • using adequate work, communication and leadership styles with the team members;
  • understanding of behaviours and emotions of team members
  • ability to generate a positive team climate
  • clearer team vision & purpose
  • greater involvement and motivation of the team members
  • ability to empower and grow others
The companies hiring coaches see:
  • the ROI of 257-856% 
  • 60% increase in productivity
  • 35% improvement in leadership
  • 33% improvement in business deliverables 
  • 53% improvement in employee satisfaction

The uniqueness of coaching lies in the fact that it concentrates on wellness and health. It is a strength-based approach. The goal of coaching is to nurture what is best in people.

Coaching vs consulting

Coaching empowers people and holds them accountable for the results they wish to achieve. During Coaching sessions the clients discover who they need to become in order to achieve their goals. A consultant on the other hand is supposed to deliver the end result and takes full responsibility for the project. In Coaching the client is responsible for internal change and the growth process. In consulting, it is the external, final result that matters and is delivered.

Coaching vs therapy

Therapy in majority focuses on past experiences, especially on what went wrong. Therapy analyzes past feelings and behaviours in order to find the unhealthy patterns and try to fix them. Coaching clients are always perceived as healthy, well and whole individuals, who want to grow and achieve more. Coaching is rooted in the present and focused on what a client wants to achieve beginning today and later in the future. It is always about moving forward.

Coaching vs mentoring

A mentor is considered an expert in the field – a person who can guide others by sharing his or her experience and knowledge. In Coaching, it is the Client who is an expert of his or her experience. Coaching perceives all clients as fully capable individuals, who have all the answers and only need a “nudge” to find them. Coaches do not give advice – they help their clients find those answers themselves. By supporting and encouraging clients on every step, Coaches give their clients a unique opportunity to tap into their potential.

It totally depends on your progression. We recommend at least 10 sessions, or one quarter to judge the coaching progress and outcomes. It takes time to make a meaningful, lasting change.

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This medley of the main themes from the Game of Thrones has been arranged for the cello.

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Shallow, written by Lady Gaga. I’ve arranged this song for voice and cello.

This song from a Motion Picture “A star is born” won an Oscar in the “Best Original Song” category. Enjoy!

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